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Sprouted Amaranth Bread - Tartine Book 3

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Sprouted Amaranth Bread - Tartine Book 3

Sprouted Amaranth Bread Loaf

It's been awhile since I've played with any sprouts so this week I decided to try one of the sprouted breads from Tartine Book No. 3. I also wanted to try working with a grain I've never tried sprouting before so I went with amaranth which is an extremely tiny pseudograin related to quinoa.

Sprouted Amaranth Bread Loaf Crumb

I've used toasted amaranth in breads before (see: this post. ) and very much liked the flavor. It brought a delicious nuttiness to the bread. Sprouting the amaranth led to a completely different flavor that had the aroma of sweet and fresh grass. It was very strong smelling coming out of the oven but the actual taste was very mild and subtle. It was actually pretty refreshing when paired with the slight sourness of the crumb.

As with the Oat Porridge Bread I made last week the crumb on this bread was extremely soft and had a really pleasant chewiness. I believe this is due to how wet the dough is and getting the proofing exactly right.

I would love to keep experimenting with different sprouted grains with this same base dough. There is honestly not a lot I would change about the texture, flavor and crust.

For more photos, process and formula go to abreaducation.


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I do love a bold bake. Well done, high marks all round.



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David Esq.

I could eat myself into a bread coma if I had one of those loaves around...

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Everything about it is just right.  Well Done and

Happy Baking

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Nailed it!  Looks delicious.

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Song Of The Baker

Long time no post!  Good to see a bake from you.  Always inspiring and tempting.

Thank you for this one.