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Chocolate Cherry Walnut Pecan Coconut Almond Volcanoes!

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Chocolate Cherry Walnut Pecan Coconut Almond Volcanoes!

These tops are bottoms. :)

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You've got everything in there but the kitchen sink! (I hope that translates positively everywhere this forum reaches). 3 types of nuts and 2 fruits*-must be good for you.


*Chocolate is either a nut or a fruit, isn't it? :)


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Mini Oven

:)  Been reading a lot lately about symbolism in painting during the Renaissance,  I could get all liturgical on you with Good Friday approaching.  

Black Forest meets Tropicana

*Chocolate is food.  (you can quote me on that)  Made from cocoa cacao seed from inside the cocoa cacao fruit pod. (Thanks for spelling correction)  :)

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Here's a little cocoa trivia: Cocoa comes from the cacao tree, and the part we make into chocolate (the seed? pod? whatever!) is actually OVER 50% cocoa butter! After the cocoa butter is heated and pressed out, the solid remains are ground up into cocoa powder. Cocoa butter is hard as wood at room temperature, but melts directly to a liquid when heated. It is never soft. In the U.S.A. and most countries in the world, it is not legal to call your product "chocolate" unless it contains at least a certain percentage of cocoa butter. The amounts are different in various countries. If it contains less than the required amount, but still does have cocoa powder, it can be called "chocolate flavored", but not "chocolate". What I don't get is this: If the seed is OVER 50% cocoa butter, why is it that cocoa butter is super expensive and not sold in most stores, while cocoa powder is available practically everywhere and relatively cheap?

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I've never seen such a yummy volcano, ever!

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Please share the recipe. I could eat every one of those right now!  TIA, Brian

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this is the one i want to burn me up!

Happy Volcanoes