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4/10 Bake

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4/10 Bake

While I'm raising my first sourdough starter, it won't be ready for another week or so,

I thought I'd try a loaf with a little Rye and Whole wheat.

My "formula" was:

40g Rye flour

40g Whole Wheat flour

420g KA Bread flour

350g water

10g salt

1/4 tsp dry active yeast

-Autolyse for 30 min

-Pincer mix in the yeast and salt.  I added the salt on top of the dough during autolyse and dissolved the yeast in a tbsp of water.  I think I read that you need to compensate a little to achieve hydration % when working with Whole Wheat and/or Rye.

-4 rounds of half hour S&F.

-1 hr bulk rise, followed by 26 hours in the fridge...mostly because I got a new job and had to work, which threw off my bread baking schedule.

-I shaped loaf directly out of fridge and let proof for 1 hr.

-Baked loaf at 500 degrees covered 30 min, dropped temp to 450 and finished uncovered for 30 min.  Internal temp read 210 on removal from oven.

I tried to go a little darker on the crust.

Crumb shot

BLT shot

Over all I was satisfied with the loaf despite my amateurish score job, but what ever.  It tasted really great and made the best sandwiches and my wife was happy.


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Very nice job on the crust and crumb.  And everything is better with bacon. :)

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Thanks!  Couldn't agree more, gotta love the smoke flavor.

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as a SD and see the difference.  I would up the hydration to 75% or so by adding in another 25 g of water to pinch the salt into the dough with it.  Then you will have one of the best tasting SFSD on the planet!  Happy wives are much better than unhappy ones and if she liked this bread - she will love the SD version even more.  - if she likes sour bread.....  Love the bold bake.   Well done and happy baking.

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I originally tried this dough with 80% hydration, but I don't have a banneton yet, so the dough did not hold it's shape and it kind of spread out in the cooker.  I figured I would work with a tad dryer dough to improve my shaping skills anyway.

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Well done!  Great looking bread.  Look forward to hearing how your SD baking goes as I have no doubt once you go down that road you will never turn back :).

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Currently my starter smells of paint thinner, but hopefully it will work through that.  Looking forward to baking my first SD loaf.  Do the proofing times increase with natural starters vs dry active yeast?

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yes, it will normally take longer for a SD starter to rise.