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The New York Times on Home Made PIZZA

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David Esq.

The New York Times on Home Made PIZZA

Will this make pizza at home a phenomena like the no-knead bread article?



The recipe is at the bottom.  The video is worth watching just to see how the man makes the pizzas.

Interestingly enough, it involves overnight retarding of the dough and recommends the use of 00 flour for a portion of the dough.

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the Margarita pizza in the video.  Well done.  A great rendition that is about as faithful to the original as can be.

I personally refer a SD version with 25% whole gain but the girls around here do not and prefer a poolish white version - much thinner though.  The girls don't like thick pizza - too may calories :-)

Happy baking David.

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David Esq.

I was actually using the picture from the article, not the picture of any of my pizzas.  My pizzas look like this and are made with my Tartine Basic Country Loaf sourdough :

 Happy Valentines Day! Heart shaped pizza.

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Lucy is upset your pizza wasn't a perfect knock off like we thought.  But, yours are every bit as good looking  - still way to thick though:-)  We really load them up around here with all the many veggies and meats too.... so thin is a must to get it to bake through and be crispy, not be doughy when finished.  No bending allowed when you pick up a slice either!

I had to start a poolish with a pinch of yeast, YW and white flour for pizza on Saturday after reading your post


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It was interesting because so many of make our own pizzas.  Here is one of mine, made with sourdough in a weird and wonderful shape.  I agree with dabrownman, sourdough rules!  Phyllis

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David Esq.

I will definitely try making this pizza "one of these days" when I don't have a sourdough pizza in the fridge or freezer. You have to admit that baking pizza with yeast is certainly more of an option for 99.8% of home bakers.  The question is whether readers of the article will actually take it to heart and make there own pizzas and whether it will have any noticeable impact like the 'no knead' mini-revolution that was started by publicizing the article on that method.

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Nice pie you have!

I also prefer a sourdough version. As I use very little starter, I don't even need to refrigerate the dough and still can prepare the dough 20 hours prior to using it.

Using 0 or 00 is pretty much standard. But there are higher gluten versions of those flours (still with the low mineral ash). With a long rest you can toss the pizza very thin.

At least in my home it already became a phenomenon. This is one of my last pies:

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Made this again with a hybrid dough. I was feeding mother starter so added the couple of tablespoonsful in the bottom of the bowl to this recipe just for flavor. Since sourdough is our favorite pizza, of course it was better than last week's bake. Used KA's knockoff of 00 flour, their Italian style blend. Thin crust, piled high with fresh vegetables and baked at 550 degrees. What's not to love?