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Where to find a short but deep pan?

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Where to find a short but deep pan?

My baking is gluten-free, and a tall-sided pan would be helpful. I ordered a Pullman-type pan from a Chinese seller on ebay. The pan is 8x4.5 at the top, 7.5x4 at the bottom,and 4.5 deep. Unfortunately, it's also crap: too gouged and beat up to bake in.

I love the shape and depth but can't find anything like it anywhere else :(  The closes thing are the 9x4x4 pans. Thoughts?

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I'm sorry if this sounds stupidly obvious, I've no expertise to bring to the discussion but is there something you could line your existing tin with so you have the depth but gain the surface you require?

Some form of parchment, silicone sheet or foil which would allow the tin to work and might also help retract a loaf from such a narrow space?

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lists a number of pans as being particularly for gluten free baking.  I've not used them but they appear to be the same length but taller and narrower than "normal" loaf pans.  I've purchased pans (but not these) from KAF, along with numerous other things and I have no qualms about recommending them.  They have always stood behind their products when the rare case of an issue has arisen.  You can easily find them at King Arthur Flour.

Best of LuckOldWoodenSpoon

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I have dabbled in gluten free baking and I found a glass bread pan at a thrift store that was taller than most bread pans and the sides were very vertical. Worked perfect for my GF sandwich loaf. Casserole dishes can work pretty well as they are usually taller than bread pans but they may be wider. If you don't mind the shape (actually it works very well for sandwiches) try a can-but make sure it is not the kind that is lined or coated with anything. The stainless steel pans that are used to hold food in a steam table can also be found in the right size for a loaf.

Lastly, this is the link for the King Arthur GF loaf pan. It is actually the bottom part of their small pan de mie



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You can look at USA Pans.  They are made in the US, very good.  Hopefully they will have something that you like.