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todays bake

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todays bake

I would load more pics but I'm stuck at how to add more


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Click the button that looks like a picture of a tree...a dialog box will open.

The right hand side of the first line, there is a button ... click that. Another dialog box will open.

On the top ribbon, on the left side, click the button that says "upload." Another box will open.

Click "browse." Find the file in your computer. Click the file, then click "upload."

The file should now show in the second dialog box. Click "insert."

Go to the first dialog box and click "insert." Viola.

Sounds complicated ... it's not, but it takes a little practice.

BTW the bake looks great. More pics!!




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David Esq.

Upload photo straight from phone to Facebook (choose to make it so only you can see the post, to avoid cluttering your page). 

Right click on the Facebook photo, copy and then paste it in your TFL post. 

Works great and saves you from so many steps and having to save photos to your computer. 

You can then delete the Facebook post if you like.

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I'll give it a try here is today's bake slippers first for making it for me.

 Great chew hole could be better ill have to work on it

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here is some kale, beet leaf, spinach, artichoke & roasted garlic. this is how far I stretched it before I did the folds.



here are some batards from the same day

the day before using different flour