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Haussler Mixer: Alpha 2

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Haussler Mixer: Alpha 2

I currently use a Globe SP10 to make bread formulas. I just saw a video of the Haussler Alpha 2. I was pondering what it would be like to replace the Globe with the Haussler for breadmaking.

Has anyone the Haussler for making bread at home. All of my baking is done in my home. I am not commercial although I do have a CSA and occasionally give out my bread as a bonus.


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I have an Häussler Alpha but just a single speed. This machine is a beast. It is easy to use and kneads effortless. It kneads wet and dry doughs without you noticing it is working. The machine is at most lukewarm underneath at most after the kneading. Before I used a kitchenaid pro 600. Even though Kitchenaid had 600 watt as opposed to the 350 watt for the Häussler the Kitchenaid could not do the kneading. It starts smoking and getting hot after just two minutes of kneading. The Häussler is a total different league. It was a bit getting used to with how long to knead. I work with four loaves at a time (about 4 kg of dough) and found that 8 minutes of kneading is enough. It produces a beautiful silky dough. The machine is very heavy, but the build quality is amazing (which is to be expected with that price). The only downside is that dough tends to move up the spiral while kneading. There is a barrier in the dough hook to prevent that but that barrier is too small.

Hope it helps.