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Portuguese Sweet Bread ... 3/27/14

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Portuguese Sweet Bread ... 3/27/14

Had my 2nd engineering staff meeting and thought it would be nice to offer a sweet bread instead of sourdough. Plus I haven't made this bread in a while and it's always a hit. Let me know if anyone wants the recipe. It's basically flour, potato water, mashed potatoes, butter, eggs, milk, sugar, lemon rind, and mace. I bought some AP flour for use in Irish Soda Bread but used a bunch of it for this bread ... will be interesting to see what happens when I use bread flour.

I deviated a bit from the recipe ... it's cooked in a Bundt pan and the recipe calls for 40 minutes in the oven at 350dF. I chose to bake it at 400dF with steam. Not sure if it made a difference. I also chose NOT to dust the finished product with confectioner's sugar.

The stuff makes outstanding toast and French Toast. I might have to make it again this week...





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This looks great.  You are right that this would be perfect French Toast Bread for sure!

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David Esq.

Looks like you put a lightbulb in there.