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Central Milling Artisan Bakers Craft Flour

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Central Milling Artisan Bakers Craft Flour

My husband and I were in Point Reyes yesterday. Petaluma is not too far from Point Reyes so I was hoping to swing by Keith Giusto's to get some flour, but unfortunately they are closed on Saturdays.  Imagine my delight when I spotted a pallet of Central Milling Organic Artisan Bakers Craft at the San Francisco Costco today.  

It was a 25 pound bag for $14.99.  I've looked for CM flour at other Costco locations in the SF Bay Area including the SF location, but I have never found it. I guess my timing was never quite right, until today. Now I just need to figure out where to store all that lovely flour. :)

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KAF sells a plastic flour storage bin that holds 25# bags. I haven't seen that particular item elsewhere, but I haven't looked either.

Happy baking!


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David - I looked at the KAF site and I realized that I already have a Cambro container that I could use to hold all that flour.  I used that container for brining turkey during Thanksgiving many years ago, but I don't need it for that purpose anymore since I have switched over to dry brining. Thanks for helping me remember that I had it. 

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if milled by the supplier.  I usually end up with several, say 10, bags of #5 each. In the bulk freezer they go.   As far as I can tell, they last forever in there if the power doesm't fail.  I just wrap  them in Cosco Stretch Tight plastic wrap :-)   we did have a 25# bag of flour in there once though.

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The Richmond Costco has it too if you're ever over in that direction.

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BäckerAmmerStiefel - Thanks for the tip about Richmond. I'll keep it in mind if I'm in the area.  I checked South SF and Mountain View recently and neither had it. 

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The Redwood City Costco carries it... 

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Good to know RC carries it too. Thanks Bobsponge.

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The Mountain View CostCo and just recently the Santa Clara CostCo also carries it.  Glad that it's becoming more widely available.

At Mountain View CostCo, it's in the organic section.  If you look for it in the flour section, it's just ConAgra.

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I had no idea it was in the organic section instead of the flour aisle in Mtn View.  At the SF location it was right next to the ConAgra. 

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My Costco shows that central milling organic artisan flour has been discontinued.  Can this be confirmed by anyone? is Costco planning on a substitute product or is it now "gone".

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Which location? Costco is pruning any products with low turnover.

Costco has a history of baiting and failing to carry products. On the other side of the coin manufacturers use Costco as a way to broaden the customer base and/or introduce new products. Costco has been addressing the "organic movement' by "corraling" an island of different organic products in an attempt to ferret out the "high runners" - and dropping those that fail to produce an adequate profit margin. Unfortunately the real loser in this situation is the Costco customer who is left scrambling to find a replacement - gas is now prohibitively expensive even at the Costco gas pump (another Costco "hook" for "bringing them in"). 

Costco also uses their own in-house generic brands to replace high volume popularly selling name brand products to increase their profit margin. The problem with replacement products is that they have a very patchy quality reputation and the buying public knows it.

So the miracle of having Central Milling flour at Costco may be a fleeting one suggesting that Central needs to address this problem or face losing a dedicated legion of bakers...,


P.S. All retailers have a formula. At sometime in the life of the company that formula fails and so does the company.