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Just another batch of light rye bread :) - photos........beware dial up.

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Just another batch of light rye bread :) - photos........beware dial up.

I have been making some nice bread lately.

My shaping is coming along and I am favoring shapes like ciabatta and just very rustic looking breads and rolls in general.


I go between rye and semolina doughs and am enjoying making Fenu shapes. They look so cool :)



I also decided whilst I was shaping to try shape some into bagguettes......not the best I must say buuuuuuut, still tasted great :)


Here are two batards with varies slashes


My lovely Rustic Rolls that went down a treat with my family


And after an entire day of baking, I think a well earned glass of Cab sav was in order!


I DO LOVE baking bread :)





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How long does it take you and your family to finish all that bread? Do you freeze some of it? Or give some loaves away?

The bread looks beautiful - very professional. Yet another goal for me to aim for. Thanks for the great photos.

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Hey thanks :)

It has taken me since November last year to get where I am, and I am not even doing sourdoughs yet!

Its a matter of time and learning from mistakes ;)


I freese the rolls, and bagguettes and eat the lasts probably 3 days...then if I have time I make more OR I buy a loaf of sourdough for the weekend. (time runs out) 

Since becoming obsessed with baking, I have pput on a few pounds, so I am limiting the bread I make to once a week. lol.  I used to makes a loaf every day almost and eat it still fresh with loads of butter!



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Did you create all this in one day? Beautiful looking stuff!


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yep I did :)

I begin a preferment the night before and mix the complete dough the next day and eave it rise slowly. Its the rising that takes hours, then it is all of a sudden GO GO GO!!! as the shaped and proofed loaves go into the oven or they end up over proofed....or like my bagguettes..........undr proofed! lol.


Its fun. I love it :) 

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Greenbaker, I enjoy your posts. You do express an artistic flair that shows off you fine looking breads. Well done!

Do you do anything to help the seeds stay on your breads? Other than brushing with egg whites first, I haven't found a way to get them to hold.


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Why thank you ehanner for your lovely compliment :)

I do try my best to make them look as good as they taste!


As for getting the seeds to stick..........

I usually work it that as I am shaping my loaves they are rolling in a bed of seeds. So they are covered while they proof.

Although, this time, I just painted them with water which kind of mixed with the flour on the loaves already and became a bit more sticky than usual, and then sprinkled them on just as they were going in the oven.


But usually I roll them in a bed of seeds as I shape them. That way the seeds are slightly embedded in the dough. 


Hope this helps ehanner :D 


have a great day! 

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It is fantastic looking!  I love that great pile of fresh, lovely rustic loaves.  Good job again.  Hey, and your fendu turned out quite nicely.  Love that shape and hope I can get it to work for me next time I try.

Oh, and give me a nice glass of Pinot Noir.  (yum)

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Fendu is easier than I thought!

I make a boule, kind of karate chop it in the middle and flatten and separate it until there is about a 1 inch gap. I flatten and sprinkle flour on it and flatten it and sprinkle more flour  until it is caked with flour and looks a little weired. I proof them upside down and have a difficult time trying to flip it back before baking! So I do that about 20 mins before it is ready to bake. Usually throw some more four in the crease which is usually proofed up higher than I expected a flattened piece of bread dough to rise!.

I think fendu is one of my favorite shapes.......but if I can get the bagguettes to work I may just be favoritng them next!


Thanks for the lovely compliments Zolablue! *hands you a nice glass of pinot noir- although I had the nicest red the othe day........:Next chapter", cab merlot*



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Wow, what beautiful bread!! You are very talented. I love your pictures.

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Thanks for the inspiration and eye candy!!