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Whole Wheat and Einkorn Biga Boules

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Whole Wheat and Einkorn Biga Boules

This weekend I went ahead and made some Einkorn loaves by adjusting K. Forkish's 50% WW Biga bread recipe. The results were fan-tas-tico! 

My first Einkorn loaf using 100% of this ancient grain turned out very nice, yet a little dense with not so much rise. I'm gonna work my way back to that loaf and try to perfect it, but first I wanted to play around with different blends.

For this attempt I started a Biga at 6pm using 500g of white flour, 340g H2O and 1/8 tsp Yeast. Left it overnight on the kitchen counter at a temperature of around 70f. By 8am, it was bubbly and gassy and ready for more. I then added 250g Whole Wheat and 250g Einkorn, plus 3/4 tsp yeast and 22g salt. Did 3 folds in the first hour and by 10:30 AM it was ready to shape and proof. The loaves stayed in the baskets for 1 hour at room temp and 30 minutes in the fridge. Then I baked in D.O's @ 475f. 30 min with lid, 20 minutes no lid.

Voila. Gorgeous, light and golden. It still eats well three days later. Looove that sweet taste of the Einkorn. Next attempt I'm gonna try for 50% Einkorn...


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Gorgeous crust and crumb . I haven't tried einkorn yet. I love kamut though. Thank you for posting your method. Perhaps you will try it with a SD component and post also. Would love to see/hear how it does. c

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to know it wasn't stale yet:-)  Well done and

Happy Baking

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Very nice.  Great crust & crumb.  I think I am going to have to find myself a bag of this Einkorn, it sounds interesting.


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Hi there! Love this post, thanks for the info. Been trying (and failing) to make the same Forkish loaf using 50% Einkorn in the mix, ending up with an inedible gloop which doesn't rise at all. I assume you add 460g of water to final mix as per the Forkish formula? You don't say anything about adding water to the final dough.