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Box-cutter Lame?

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Box-cutter Lame?

I was in Smart and Final yesterday checking out the plastic storage containers.  I bought sizes from one quart (for sourdough) to 12 quarts (for grains), including dough-rising sizes.

Office supplies were nearby, and they had a box-cutter that uses a single-edged razor blade.  It was seventy-nine cents, including one blade.  Got me thinking about my other box cutters.

Has anyone used box cutters as lames?  I have a good supply of razor blades, and the price was right, so I bought one.  I've been slashing using bare-naked razors, but this will clothe it a bit.

Oh, yeah, the directions say, "WARNING:  Blades must be used in a blade-holding tool.  When using, wear appropriate clothing including gloves and safety glasses."


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Are usually to thick and dull for my tastes.


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Ruth Redburn

        Use the box cutter for my slashes all the time.  It works very well if you slash alsmost horizontally into the loaf.          Ruth Redburn

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I recently used an eye brow razor. I'm still pretty new at making bread scoring - seems to work for me (for now).

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pixels - your rolls look great!  I imagine the angled handle shape is easier to use than a typical straight  handled lame.

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I agree. This only allowed super straight cuts.