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Bacon-Cheddar-Chives Scones

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Bacon-Cheddar-Chives Scones

My wife scans King Arthur's recipes about once a month. She found this recipe recently, and asked me to bake them. I've learned not to say "No", but I was afraid she would be disappointed. I've not been very successful making scones in past times. They'd come out dry and dense. Consequently, I've not made them in years.

I was pleasantly surprised with these. Despite the liberal amounts of bacon and cheddar in the mix the scones are light, delicate and full of flavor, much like a well-made biscuit. I think the doubled amount of baking powder--1 tablespoon in two cups of flour--is the reason, and I'll take some of the credit for not mishandling the dough.

Here's the link to the recipe.

David G


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I have never made scones myself, but these are going to force me to do it.  These look fantastic David.

Great job.


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I prefer savory and/or cheesy scones to plain or fruit or berries, but unlike biscuits the number of variations in savory scone ideas aren't out there. It seems to me herbed scones, spinach and feta, or even walnut and blue cheese would be good choices, but I've no encountered them when I search. Perhaps, this year, I'll do some experiments down those lines.

Thanks for the thumbs up.

David G


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Those look very tasty congratulations.  I think these could easily be converted into nice biscuits. 

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I was thinking the same thing. I keep a frequently replaced bag of frozen biscuits on hand always: wife Yvonne's only demand. Occasionally, I add savory touches, but mostly I do plain. I started with the Joy of Cooking's basic buttermilk biscuit recipe, modified the shortening to a 50/50 lard/butter mix, and upped it a bit. Otherwise it's the same 19th century, tried and true recipe.

Thanks for the compliment.

David G


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and any scone not as dry as the Arizona desert is a plus.... and why I too stay away from them.  Like you,  when ever I use baking powder, I always double it up saying to myself 'this is so old it probably is only half strength and should be tossed in the garbage rather than in these biscuits' :-)  Bacon adn cheese and onion in any dough is killer in my book.  Well done and

Happy baking David.

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I made these a while ago for the Avid Baker's Challenge, and, like you, I first had qualms about the large amount of bacon. But through the rendering it shrank to more manageable proportions (I reduced the amount of salt in the recipe, though).

Your scones turned out great, as did mine, and I would definitely bake them again.

(I didn't smuggle hemp seeds into the dough, DBM, but, at least, exchanged some of the white for whole wheat flour. I'm sure, Lucy would love these, too.)