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Chocolate babka done Krantz style

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Chocolate babka done Krantz style

I again used my YW/ SSD levains to make a pulla dough. Having chocolate butter cream and cinnamon sugar ITJB, sliced almonds and chopped hazelnuts on hand, I rolled the dough out as a babka. The Kranz variation as I Googled, involves cutting the rolled up babka in two and twisting the stands together. Then I folded it into a loaf pan. Oh my!

Happy baking, Brian 


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take over your life and make you fat.... and the reason is simple looks and tastes too good!  I say the main reason that folks are fat is that pizza, donuts, hamburgers, fries, beer  and all deserts taste too good- just like this babka.  Looks great Ski - that Krantz person was on to something.

Happy baking Ski

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. . . Goggled Krantz cake after seeing a lovely one on this site. Despite the babka and orange chiffon caked iced with chocolate and my new love of poutine, I am not gaining weight. Friday was dki day 67 for the season, to that is helping . . . 

Happy baking, Ski

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Another evil creation!  Your babka is going to be taking over the world soon enough!

Looks so tempting...I would eat the whole thing for lunch!


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Just a chocolate, almond hazelnut delight! i wish i could beam you over a slice or ten! Still working on that project. ;-)

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That looks more like babka I'm used to seeing.  It should be a competition of filling to dough and you got it where you can't tell which there is more of.  Look what I've done.  Sorry Ski.  Babka is like a drug.  


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. . . you have pointed me in another yummy direction. It is wonderful when you can both enjoy the process of making a tasty loaf and then enjoy eating it. I quite like Peter Reinhart's ending quote from the back of ITJB, " . . .that bread is more than just bread." Rugelach is up next. thanks for the tip and happy baking. Brian

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Nice bake! I'm currently obsessed with Krantz / babka. I tried to stop thinking about it, but after seeing yours I had to make another one.