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3/20/14 Bake

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3/20/14 Bake

Short post

40% Whole Wheat Sourdough

Crumb Shot

Beer and Mustard Braised Pork to go along with the bread.




isand66's picture

That's some pretty fancy scoring!  Looks like another winner with a beautiful crust and nice and open crumb.

I'm sure it will go perfectly with that crazy pork dish you're tempting us with.

Happy Baking!


trailrunner's picture

Your breads always look so lovely. You have great skill at scoring. Aside from that your other treats that you make in your kitchen always look excellent !  c

dabrownman's picture

scoring but when others do it so well like you, I kick my apprentice sayng 'You are is totally worthless!  What a great bake and the crumb is pretty good,  Sailing Pork should be required by law and is somewhere close to you I am sure.

Happy baking, drinking and porking out - not necessarily in that order,  The spell checker says I should replace porking (not a word I guess)  with puking.  Got to love those things.