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5 lb Wedding Challah

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5 lb Wedding Challah

I am going to make a special ceremonial wedding challah for my niece's wedding.  I had some nice hints from the Jewish food group, but thought perhaps members of this forum might be able to give me additional hints.  I will be using an internal thermometer to monitor baking, but I am wondering how long I should expect it to take to bake.  5 lbs is a whole lotta dough!  At what temperature would you suggest.  I have seen suggestions for 300 degrees F to 350 degrees.

Would appreciate suggestions for a successful bake!  I am a bit nervous because I want it to be beautiful and delicious.

Thank you.

Caryn B.

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Caryn, here's a quote from Ginsberg and Berg's "Inside the Jewish Bakery," p. 55:  "It's important to remember that these larger challahs bake longer and at lower temperatures than standard challahs in order to bring their internal temperagture to 205F/97C without cracking or burning the crust.  For loaves in the 4 to 5 lb./1.75 to 2.0 kg. range, baking at 325F/160C for about 60 minutes is usually sufficient.  For even larger loaves, reduce the oven temperature to 300F/150C and expect to bake for around 90 minutes."  In addition,  I also suggest that you tent the top of the loaf loosely with foil when the challah starts to turn from medium to dark brown to prevent over-browning of the crust.

 It's bound to be a show-stopper!  Good luck,


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Mini Oven

even bigger!  :)