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homemade pasta...

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homemade pasta...

My husband is an artist when it comes to pasta. Always wonderful . Tonight homemade tagliatelle and a shrimp topping based on one that our son , the Chef , makes frequently. Preserved lemon and capers are the key...oh...and the homemade hot cure peppers. If you want the recipe just ask...I will be glad to forward the gist of the idea .c 

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what I assume is SD pasta and Lucy hasn't even made one batch yet!  she's loos pretty guilty right now!  Well done and Happy SD pasta making trailrunner.

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trailrunner sure are missing out...most tender. This dough was in fridge 2 days....wrapped in plastic waiting...makes it even better !  You better get cracking...or rolling...or something. Lucy is waiting...sigh. Need preserved lemons...did you make some ???  Get on it !!!   c

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Wow....lucky you.  This looks and sounds terrific.

Thanks for sharing.

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You would love this too. The shrimp are marinated in salt/sugar solution. Then saute small amount red onion and garlic and ham or pancetta and capers and the preserved lemon and grape tomatoes...add the  drained shrimp and a splash of white wine,salt and pepper to with parmesan and cilantro. Easy and quick and again way more flavor profile than one would expect. 

I am very lucky !  Husband is a wonderful cook !  Thanks for looking. c

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I edited the recipe..forgot the tomatoes and salt/pepper. It is one of the best and quickest recipes. c

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Delicious! Capers and preserved lemons are two of my favorites flavors.