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Happy Birthday Floyd!

dstroy's picture

Happy Birthday Floyd!

Today, I baked a birthday cake for Floyd.

Our son was a great helper.

There's our cake completed.

And served...

And look! My first baking blog entry on your site too!
Happy Birthday to you, Floyd!


Srishti's picture

You guys look wonderful!

I always wonder, on internet, what the people actually look like? Maybe Floyd would make something on this site where people could upload their pictures! Just an idea; he has done such a great job that it really doesn't need anything else :-)

sphealey's picture

Is you little guy baking his own goodies yet? My memory grows dim, but I seem to remember that our boys were quite interested in cooking at that age. Unfortunately now that they are teens that interest seems to have evaporated. Might have something to do with the "you make dinner tonight" thing ;-)



dstroy's picture

He certainly loves to help. Pizza is a big favorite around here.

Both kids are especially good at helping make sweet cakes - particularly when it comes to licking the spoons. ;)