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Question on JT's 85X3 recipe

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Question on JT's 85X3 recipe

Can someone help me with this formula

When it calls for the biga, poolish and a levain, does it mean that these were mixed the day before?  I am a bit confused because step 1 also includes a 10 hour fermenting period when all 3 are combined.    Thanks in advance.

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  1. Mix the biga, the poolish and the levain separately. and leave them to ferment at room temperature for 10 to 12 hours (say overnight) 
  2. (next morning) After 10-12 hours  mix flour, poolish and 80% of the water in the bowl of the mixer until the flour is completely hydrated and let rest for 30 minutes (autolyse
  3. Then combine all the ingredients: the bigs, the levain, the yeast, the salt and remaining water needed