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SD country loaf

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SD country loaf

  • 460g KABF 58%
  • 120g KAAP 15%
  • 80g Whole Rye 10%
  • 40g T85 5%
  • 196g levain (12% pre fermented flour 12% water)
  • 581g water 73%
  • 15g salt 2%
  • 1hr autolyse
  • 3min slap and fold
  • 15min rest
  • 2min slap and fold
  • 1 set stretch and fold
  • into the fridge until morning
  • scale/preshape
  • 15min rest
  • shape
  • 3 hr proof
  • bake at 550 then 470 then 450

I up'd the preferment from my usual and oh nelly did it make a world of difference, both in taste and aroma. mmm




isand66's picture

Beautiful crust and crumb.  Must have tasted great.


WoodenSpoon's picture

It was so darn good, Pretty fruity and sweet, just what I was going for. I'm always really pleased when they end up tasting how they smelled pre bake. In my mind aroma is half the battle

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Looks delicious, WS! nice work :)

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Beautiful crust and crumb, saving this one to try.  :)

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loaf WS!  Has to be tasty too!  Well done and

Happy baking