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I didn't know what to do today, so I baked you a cake!

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I didn't know what to do today, so I baked you a cake!

I have been skiing five days a week now for a while, so not much time to browse TFL. My baking thoughts have turned from bread to sweets. this is a three layer orange chiffon cake from ITJB, filled with apricot jam and chocolate butter cream and iced with the same chocolate. The chocolate didn't adhere to the orange slices, so I painted around them. YUMM!

Other recent bakes were my send off on Floyd's blueberry cream cheese bread in the most bookmarked section. Here is my bumbleberry cream cheese bread. This was a yeasted bread with about three times the fruit Floyd rec's in his formula.

Well we cannot forget the walnut filled Hungarian rolls from ITJB -- easily one of the best things my oven has ever produced!

Happy baking folks!  Brian


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to sweet treats they all look great, so energy packed and  healthy too - at least for one skiing 5 days a week and burning tons of calories:-)   You are nailing ITJB.......Nice baking Ski and

Happy skiing Ski 

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I try and keep up as I can. When time permits, I check to see what you and Lucy have been up to!

Happy baking! Ski

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Okay...I am just cooking dinner now...can you send over some of these evil looking baked goods now?

They all look great but I love that Walnut masterpiece.


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. . . I could beam you up some desserts, but my transporter still needs work.  the walnut rolls are perhaps the best thing to ever come out of my oven and they are hard to stay away from. It is not a difficult redipe at all!

Happy baking, Brian

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Ian, if I could, I would beam them over! This was my second walnut roll bake and I LOVED these once again! This recipe is a must do! I also love Floyd's blueberry cream cheese bread and the variations.

Happy baking, Brian

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Can't go wrong with Chocolate Cake.

The Hungarian Rolls Look stellar.  I assume berry and cream cheese in one.  What is the other?  Looks delicious

I think its time for you to make some Chocolate Babka


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The Hungarian rolls are wonderful and hard to stay away from. Both are walnut filled. The braided loaf is a mixed berry and cream cheese filling much like Floyd's popular recipe. Chocolate Babka sounds like an excellent thing to try. I still haven't got around to trying the chocolate chiffon cake from ITJB as I like the orange cake, chocolate frosting a lot. Soon chocolate on chocolate. How can you go wrong with double chocolate?

Best regards, Brian

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I would call that time well spent!


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Song Of The Baker

Hey Brian...nice desserts.  I grew up on Hungarian rolls.  Us Serbians were raised on these treats...never did appreciate them as a kid, but would pay good bucks for a few slices now...where do I send my money?

Take care.


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John, best to send the money to ITJB and get the book if you don't have it. I think $25 gets you an autographed copy. The walnut rolls are an easy recipe. In fact, everything I have tried from this book has been easier than I thought it would be and the results have been delicious! this is now my favourite cookbook:

Happy baking!  Brian