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Coco&Coconut SD

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Coco&Coconut SD


  • 412g KABF 50%
  • 247g KAAP 30%
  • 91g T85 11%
  • 150g levain (9% flour, 9% water)
  • 394g water 48%
  • 250g unsweetened coconut water 30%
  • 50g coconut flakes, dry weight, I soaked em then wrung em out and saved the water 6%.
  • 6g coco powder .75%
  • 16g salt 2%

I gave this rascal a 1.5 hour autolyse then 3 minutes of slap and folds followed by a fifteen minute rest then another two minutes of slapping and folding followed by another rest and a set of stretch and folds. Then I fermented it at room temp for an additional three and a half hours. Then I shaped it and proofed it in the fridge for about fifteen hours. in the morning I took it from the fridge and allowed it to continue proofing for around an hour and a half then baked em, preheating the oven to 550 then turning it right down to 470 after steaming.

I kept my levain at room temp and used it a little young attempting to keep it on the sweeter side of things. All in all this is a super great smelling really good tasting loaf, mmmm


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Beautiful crust & crumb.  These flavours are new to me in a SD loaf, but I like them and think it would be a delicious loaf.


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Julie McLeod

Beautiful loaves and those flavors really do sound intriguing.  Is the 250 g. unsweetened coconut water made by soaking your coconut flakes?

p.s. I love your photos too.

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Love the combination of cocoa and coconut.  Put some sugar in there and you have some German Chocolate Cake Bread:-) Beautifully crafted inside and out.

Well done and happy baking WS

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for the comments yall, Julie, the unsweetened coconut water is from a bottle that I got at the health food store, the water I wrung from the chips I counted as part of the actual water. Oh yeah Dab, some sugar or maybe some sweeter chocolate would of been I nice addition, I was already kinda pushing my luck with my time schedule so I was hesitant to add another sneaky variable. 

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Julie McLeod

Thanks for the reply, WoodenSpoon.  

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This looks great.  So did you taste the coconut flavor?  I tried a similar loaf before but went overboard by also adding coconut flour and I ended up with a brick as hard as a coconut.

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Oh yeah, the coconut came through strong, though having it unsweetened it was a rather earthy coconut flavor. Coconut flour crossed my mind, but fearing the brick and not wanting to get a bag of it just to use very very little I passed.