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Fig & Fennel and Cherry & Chocolate Loaves

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Julie McLeod

Fig & Fennel and Cherry & Chocolate Loaves

Both these loaves are based on the basic formula and technique from Tartine Bread.  The formula for both:

500 grams unbleached white flour

375 grams water

100 grams leaven (100% hydration, white flour)

10 grams salt

The Fig & Fennel loaf has the addition of 12 grams of fennel which was soaked in boiling water for a few hours and the fragrant soaking water was used in the dough.  The fennel seeds and about a cup of roughly chopped dried figs were added after a one hour autolyse.  The Cherry & Chocolate loaf has 75 grams of dark chocolate chips and 100 grams of tart dried cherries, added after a one hour autolyse.  A portion of the water in the dough was an herbal cherry tea as suggested by member isand66 last time I posted a similar loaf (thanks!).  Both loaves were retarded in fridge for 16 hours or so and baked at 450 º for 20 minutes in a pre-heated covered dutch oven and then for 25 minutes uncovered.


I love the oven spring on the Cherry & Chocolate loaf (first picture) - it got quite a bit higher and rounder than the Fig & Fennel (second picture).  I haven't cut into either yet so can't show a crumb shot or tell you how they taste.



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The crust looks great, no way I could resist a hot slice with butter.  :)  Both would make a nice snack.

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shopping for bread ingredients in the auto parts store before you know it:-)  Both look well crafted, boldly baked and have ti be delicious.  Can't wait to see the crumb shots,  You got some nice bloom in the fig version so don't know why it didn't puff itself up like the cherry one?  Bet the crumb is better on the fig version just to make up for the less spring:-)

Well Done and Happy baking