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We need to get this guy

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We need to get this guy

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"He was diagnosed with diabetes!" I think that pretty much sums it up; one can't live off of pizza without having some health troubles along the way. That is why we have different shapes of teeth in our jaw, for different functions to different food groups.

But, yeah DA,  sure he should try your crusts with all the herbs, wholegrains, yeast water and sd! 


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David Esq.

I have incisors to tear into the pizza.

I have molars to chew the pizza.

I am pretty sure I have different shaped teeth so I can eat pizza.

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I'm pretty sure I could live off of nothing but pizza. There are so many different ingredients and ways to make pizza, including lots of fresh fruit and veggies! Nobody's health has to suffer from eating pizza. It's not like saying "I only eat meat." or "I only eat green leafy veggies."