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But beware the Schwarz side of the Brot

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But beware the Schwarz side of the Brot

Okay, I couldn't resist, I know its corny.

I've now baked twice the Black Hamster Bread recipe from Ketex, to me this is a Schwarzbrot or black bread.

The first attempt was problematic -

Too much yeast, this coupled with the starter and the bread began rising too quickly

Hydration level was way overboard - as I cut into the bread the knife had streams (yuck!)

I wasn't happy with the high/fast bake time, I felt this contributed to the wet doughy first trial

This is painful to write - I love the recipes on Ketex and they are a regular staple at our house. I always get good results. You can see below the comparison between the first attempt on left and second on right -

So on to Black Hamster Bread 2.0, here's the modifications -

No additional yeast, I put loaf pan in warm oven and let the yeast do its work

Omitted 50ml of water in final step (this was strange, Ketex always water by weight!)

30 minutes at 350F/177C with steam to start and light foil covered

30 minutes at 350F/177C with cover

30 minutes at 350F without loaf pan, cover just baked

First attempt on left, second on right

First attempt on the left, second on the right

But, I'm hooked! I am planning one more attempt at this bread. I'm probably going to extend the bake time and I will add just a small amount of yeast.