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Honeyville Flour

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Honeyville Flour

I was just browsing for flour in bulk (since I go through 5-10lbs of flour per week). 50lb bags of Honeyville kept popping up for what seems to be a pretty reasonable price to me. Has anyone had any experience with this brand? Would you recommend it? Any disclaimers? I'd love to know. Thanks!


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and usually sales where shipping is $5 flat.  I have a 50 lb bag or organic rye berries and same for wheat berries (I grind my own), very happy.

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I have used their Alta Artisan and a couple of others with very good results. They are comparable to King Arthur flours. If you get on their email list you will find that they have monthly discounts on all of their products from 5% to 15% depending on the month. Shipping is $4.49 all the time.

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Honeyville - my go-to grains. Seems to be on my porch about 3 minutes after I order. Never once had to call them for any issues. Unlike other companies .....

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Costco's price in Woodland, CA, US, for a 25 lb bag of Central Milling's Organic Bread Flour is about $15.  I like it.  (No commercial connection.  Wouldn't know how to get one, but it might help my grandchildren's college fund if I could arrange it.)

Anyone else have comment about it?

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I was just checking out the honeyville website and I noticed that some flours specify that they were bleached, some specify unbleached, and some don't say at all, make sure ya know what yer getting.

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I live fairly close to their Utah location.  I have asked about the flour and they can give you the specification sheet.  I have used their white rye, strong (14% protein) flour, cake flour, and others.  They have been very helpful. 



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Honeyville was the only company I could buy medium rye flour in bulk (50 lb). Shipped promptly for a ridiculous low flat rate of 4.99, and the quality is very good.