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Whole-Wheat Rye Spelt

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Whole-Wheat Rye Spelt

This was an experiment I thought turned out worthy of sharing. I keep trying to increase the depth of flavor and wean myself off store-bought white flour. So, here is my 90% hydration 60% whole-wheat, 30% rye, and 10% spelt sourdough, made using the Tartine method.

Formula for two 1000g loaves:

200g Levain

600g organic whole-wheat

300g organic rye

100g spelt

900g water

20g salt

3.5 hour bulk rise, 2 hour proof at room temp after shaping


Bubbling whole-grain dough.

The crumb.. and an arm.


Customers at the market seemed to love it! Ended up with a very soft crumb and slightly sweet, nutty whole-wheat flavor. My wife says my spelt breads are "dry... in a good way." And I always think the dough smells like a big matzo ball when I'm mixing it. Anybody else notice this when using spelt??


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looking loaf.  Any particular reason why you gave yourself the challenge of a 90% hydration?  I kinda expected larger crumb holes as a result of that water content but I bet it was a tricky dough to handle.  I'm sure the mix of wheat/rye and spelt tasted great though.

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Yeah, I would have liked some bigger holes, too.. though I expected the crumb to be a little tighter, given the flours I used. As for the 90% hydration... I just wanted to try it! My usual for my standard whole-wheat loaf is 80% and it is always much easier to handle than my mostly white flour doughs. I figured this dough could take the higher hydration. I think I will try an overnight, cold final proofing next time to see how that effects the crumb.

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Looks wonderful.  What type of Rye and Spelt?  


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Thanks, Josh! I've been using Great River Organic Milling stone ground specialty whole grain rye for all my rye breads for a while. Free delivery on Amazon Prime! I just started experimenting with the spelt and have been using the only stuff I can find at the local supermarket... Arrowhead Mills organic whole grain spelt. Thanks again, Joel