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Drying oils for bread baking

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Drying oils for bread baking

I always use about 4% olive oil in my breads to slower down the stalinig process. When I tried using sunflower oil instead I had impression the the bread dries faster. Is it possible?
I remember that some oils are called "drying" oils. Does it have any significance in bread baking?
Also in cosmetics sunflower oil is said to dry out the skin.
However in some olders threads here in TFL and elswhere people say it doesn't matter which oil / fat you use (outside health reason but that's not the issue here)



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oil and can't say that it makes bread stale quicker. I've never actually used olive oil, since it is expensive here, but rapeseed oil was the same as sunflower. I don't suppose there is much difference if you don't use some sort of exotic oil.

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I use olive oil, canola, grape seed, or sunflower oil in my breads, and sometimes melted butter. I can't say that there is any difference, except the taste.