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pizza dough flours

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pizza dough flours

what does semolina flour do for pizza dough? 

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chip c

  What is pizza al tadlia

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It's a pizza style that's baked in rectangular pans and has a quite thick bread base for a crust.  You can purchase it all over Italy, either pre-cut or by weight.  The dough is just spread in the baking tray, toppings added and it then goes in an electric oven (not a wood-fired one).  You'll usually find this style in shops, petrol stations etc, it's geared toward quick, convenient production.  Can be tasty but in practice it's rather to traditional pizza what McDonalds are to an artisanal burger.

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"Semola" just means that it is coarse milling. "Semolina" is the diminutive of "Semola".

usually it won't just say "semolina" but also "di grano duro" (from durum) or "di grano tenero" (from (standard) soft wheat). I think, when people call something "semolina" outside of Italy (and maybe Argentina) they refer to the hard (durum) variant.

Therefore just think of it as durum millfeed ;) It will make your pizza more chewy on the crumb (the small ring of crumb that exists) and more crisp on the outside.

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to dust the peel with some corn meal  sothe pizza doesn't stick when it is slid in the oven.  Sometimes we put a little of both in the dough just to have something different now and again.