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Generally speaking...

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Generally speaking...

If you mill 120 grams of berries, do you always end up with the same amount of flour  (weight wise, not volume)?

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yes because otherwise there would have to be "something" left behind in the grinder/mill and there isn't.  However my grain mill kicks out fine dust whilst in operation which I suspect is normal and that dust must have a weight so therein will lie the difference though it is probably negligible.  Never weighed it though.

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It depends how you sift it. If you start with 100 grams of berries and sift out 20 grams of bran, etc., you have an 80% extraction flour.

That is approximately the sum total of my milling knowledge.


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14 years experience with a mill tells me this is true. Every time. I mill about 1850g at a time and there is a loss of +/- 4g due to the fine dust (agreeing with elpanadero). I don't ever sift so I can't speak to a possible loss there.