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Whole grain suppliers in San Francisco bay area?

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Whole grain suppliers in San Francisco bay area?


I'm wondering if there are any bulk  whole grain suppliers in San francisco bay area,  specifically for organic durum wheat, soft white wheat, amranth and millet.  Please suggest any shops (other than Wholefoods) or online suppliers with reasonable shipping.


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Les Nightingill

Giustos is in SF and also Santa Rosa.

Also  Sprouts has a number of bay area locations. Their prices are great.

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Central Milling has wonderful grains. Check out their website. 



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both sell whole grains, as already pointed out.  I'll just add some links here to help locate and identify.

Guistos is in South San Francisco, not far from San Francisco Baking Institute (SFBI) :  Guistos Specialty Foods  Guistos has good retail quantity availability as well as larger quantities if you need them.  You can view and order their products from their web page.

Central Milling products are available through Keith Guisto Bakery Supply.  They don't maintain their "own" web page per se, but they can be found on Facebook here and the Central Milling product list is a pdf file available from This is primarily a commercial bakery wholesale supplier and they are not set up to offer retail quantities, but will sell single sacks ("will call only though, last I knew) readily.  You can also try contacting them ahead of time and you may be able to order, for "will call" pickup at their warehouse, quantities smaller than full sack.  Your mileage will certainly vary, but in the past they have been very friendly to those that have approached them with patience and politeness.

I have not purchased grains from either of these, but I use their flour products from time to time and both are excellent in my opinion.

Good Luck

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I have had pretty good luck with Rainbow Grocery in SF, not everything but the best selection I've found in the bay area.