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Cinnamon Raisin Bread (1st Attempt)

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Bob S.

Cinnamon Raisin Bread (1st Attempt)

This formula was adapted from Baker's Best, Formulas From Fleishmann's: Traditional Breads (not dated). Unlike other raisin bread formulas that I have seen, this one contains no salt. Perhaps the large percentage of cinnamon compensates the taste buds for the lack of salt. Here is the formula:

  • 100% Bread Flour
  •   66% Raisins
  •     8% Sugar
  •     5% Shortening
  •     3% Dried Buttermilk Powder
  •     4% Cinnamon
  •  1.5% Instant Yeast
  •   72% Water (variable)

Fifteen ounces (425 g) of flour was used to make a single loaf of raisin bread. Because of the added bulk from the raisins, an oversize loaf pan (10” x 5” x 3”) was used. Oven spring was limited, and the crust came out hard and crackly, as if steam had been used (it had not). When tasted, the lack of salt was noticeable to my palate. Even so, the bread was quite tasty, Next time, I will include 1% salt and cut back slightly on the cinnamon.


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Bob, the loft and shape of your cinnamon raisin loaf is perfect and your slices are precision cut! The crumb appears to be moist and tight enough to hold the generous amount of raisins. I'm drooling thinking about this bread toasted with butter...yum. Are you old enough to remember raisin bread with thick sugar glaze icing? I haven't seen that in many years! I'm from Cleveland and this was a treat for our family of nine!