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Pullman pans

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Pullman pans

Hi all ... I have been given a small pullman pan. ( 21cm x 11cm x 9cm deep ). I'm not sure of the correct ingredient quantity for the tin and how far from top to let it rise before lidding it and baking. I generally use 600gm flour with a 65% hydration in my open top pans. Too much for the pullman if using with the lid. I've tried smaller amounts but don't seem to get it quite right. Anyone out there witha formula of some kind?

Thanks ... Snapper

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King Arthur Flour has a recipe for this size pan that uses 390 grams of flour.

Here's a link to the recipe: A Smaller Pain de Mie

The "King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour" mentioned in the recipe is similar to a Strong White Bread Flour. It contains 11.7% protein.

Here are detailed instructions in a King Arthur Flour blog about how to use a Pullman Pan:

I've used their above blog instructions to make their larger pain de mie recipe in my larger 13x4x4 inch pan, and it came out perfectly. Here's a link to that larger pain de mie recipe: (It uses 567 grams of flour - a U.S. ounce is 28.35gm)

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Thank you for that info. I'll go straight to those links.