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80% hydration, 20% WW SD batard

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80% hydration, 20% WW SD batard



Howdy y'all. So I decided to go for it and upped my SD from 70% hydration to 80% and am quite happy with the results. I still have hit and miss success with the higher hydration doughs so I was very pleased with today's bake. Anywho here's the formula, I welcome any comments/suggestions. 


40 g ripe starter (taken from mother culture)

80 g H2O

80 g flour

-dissolve starter in water, stir in flour, place in warm location till doubled (12 hrs) I keep the levain in my stove with the light on and door cracked open. It remains about 80 degrees F.


final dough:

400 g artisan bread flour (malted) Central Milling Co.

290 g water

levain - all of it

salt - 11 g


-Dissolve  levain in 250 g of H20, add flour. autolyze 30 min.

-Add salt, remaining 40 g H2O, squish through fingers.

-stir with spoon or hand until mass comes together, should not be shaggy but don't worry about developing too much gluten. Transfer mass to a clean bowl sprayed or greased with butter.

-Stretch and Fold in bowl every 30 minutes for a total of 4 sets

-bulk retard in bowl 1.5 hours after final S+F

-pre-shape into round, bench rest 30 minutes

-shape using technique outlined by Chad Robertson for higher hydration doughs

- place into lined basket dusted liberally with rice flour

-retard at least 16 hours (this loaf was about 18 hours)

-bake 450 in hot Dutch Oven covered for 13 minutes, uncovered for 23 more

-cool on wire rack at least 2 hours before enjoying (in this case with EVOO and balsamic vinegar)


* sorry the photos all are rotated 90 *



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That looks awesome! great photos and I imagine great tasting bread!

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Just finished off half the loaf, so it tastes pretty good so far.

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I love the lacey photo! How do you get such a thin slice?


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Nice bake!


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looking loaf.  Not fair posting pics of bread with oil and balsamic vinegar.  Very hungry now !

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Perfect crust and crumb.  Well done.