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Sourdough Plum Wine Bread

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Sourdough Plum Wine Bread

Inspired by 4akitchenblog 's Sourdough Wine Bread made with red wine, I have adapted the recipe and replaced the red wine with Japanese Plum Wine instead. The plum wine came in these cute little plum-shaped bottles.

The aroma of the wine is amazing throughout the process, i just couldn't stop sniffing the dough every now and then. No crumb shot for the moment, the bread will be given to a friend, will get her to snap a pic for me for updates!

350g  All-purpose Flour

60 g Water (give or take, feel your way through it)

150 g Japanese Plum Wine / Sake

1tsp salt

35g Starter (100%hydration) 

1. water, wine and flour, autolyse for 30 minutes

2. add starter and salt and let sit for 30 minutes

3. S&F three times. rest 30 minutes

4. S&F again. and let bulk ferment for 12 hours

5. shape and rest for a couple of hours.

6. i baked it on baking stone for 40 minutes with steam.



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Looks and sounds great.  I have made SD with wine before and like the flavor it imparts.

Look forward to hearing how it tasted.