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NY Old School Jewish Deli Rye take 3

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NY Old School Jewish Deli Rye take 3

Don't pay the ransom friends, I have escaped. Well between skiing and the winter Olympics it is hard to find time to bake and I have had no time to browse TLF for a coupe of weeks.

This was done from the book, but on this version I added sauteed onion to the last few stretch & folds.

Part of the reason I haven't had time to browse this site is that 2 weeks ago, I had my first experience helicopter skiing with Canadian Mountain Holidays in their Gothics lodge. this fulfilled the dream of a lifetime and was the best week and skiing of my life!

This week it is off to Revelstoke to take in some of the abundant snow and ongoing snowfall. I thought I would bake some breakfast treats for the boys in Revy. This was a batch of bumbleberry, ( strawberries, blueberries and raspberries) cream cheese bread. I did a sweet SD/ YW levain version usining Floyd's Blueberry Sourcream braid recipe in the favourites section. My other departure from the original was to use about 3 times the fruit and 1/4 the cornstarch compared to the original recipe. Boy, has this bread won some converts! Great recipe!

It is hard to stop eating this stuff!

Happy baking folks, I will catch up when I can. Brian


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I have this recipe of Floyd's on my list too and I like how you changed it with a mixture of different fruits.  I was thinking of  completely cutting out or cutting down the corn starch but wasn't sure if it would make the fruit mixture too runny.  Yours looks great to me so I now I know I can decrease the corn starch too without ending up with goo.

Thanks for the post and the photos too!

Glad to hear that you have been in skiing heaven lately. SOmething I gave up years ago when lift tickets became too costly and the lines too long.  Walking is a lot less expensive *^ } .

Take Care,


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That looks like a beautifully light, fluffy crumb for a sourdough. No wonder you have won converts! At least with all the skiing you will burn off the calories from being unable to stop eating it!

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This is a wonderful recipe! and any fruit combination would be interesting. I have also thought of trying an un sugared dough with pizza filling. Oops, next project s on the counter . . .


Happy baking folks, Brian, the absent and travelling ski bum . . .

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and Jewish Deli Rye.  Quite the combination to go with Helo Skiing in snowbound pats of the Canadian Mountain Hinterlands.  It all sounds surreal and Lucy is glad you got one crossed off your bucket list. 

Happy Skiing and Baking Ski