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I recently got a bag of t85 flour and I had some whole rye from the same mill as as well. While not as open as I guess I would of loved, this bread is great. its dark and earthy and to be honest a nice change from most of what I have baked lately.

700g t85    85%

50g whole rye   6%

150g 100% levain   (75g flour 9%) (75g water 9%)

667g water   81%

16g salt   2%


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Attractive crumb, and crust, Oldspoon. Immaculate grigne!

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I's slightly wider than a baguette but only half as long:-)  It has to taste very good to match the good looks of the crust and crumb - well done WS

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for the nice comments guys, sorry dab but this is no 100% rye, the t85 is wheat flour, if only I could get full on rye to look this way!!

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Mini Oven

and interesting dark crumb colour for 6% rye.  Beautiful and simple.  Simply Beautiful.

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That is a beautiful loaf, and I love the crumb like that, all the little cells have opened up just beautifully.

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Where did you get the T85 from? I am looking for a place to buy some in bulk, and can't seem to find an outlet for T85 in the south. I live in Texas. Thanks - bread looks great btw.

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Hey Goodman, I got it from carolina ground, a local mill in Asheville NC, they have a whole selection of awesome flours and grains, I'm not sure if online ordering would be the most cost effective for you but here is there website.