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First post and second ciabatta

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First post and second ciabatta

Thought I'd start documenting my bread adventures, seeing as I'd finally got hold of a set of digital scales. I usually make a very soft sandwich bread, so my first attempt at ciabatta had me instinctively disregarding the instructions and kneading my 75% hydration dough to a strong windowpane...with the result of sandwich bread in a ciabatta shape. So this is my second attempt at ciabatta (in which I meekly obey instructions to just do stretch and folds during the bulk rise).

I think this one was even wetter than the last one, maybe closer to 85%, which I didn't take into account when baking. That was probably the cause of its pale crust and not being entirely dried out inside. Flavour was great (sourdough, used some version of txfarmer's 36 hour baguette recipe). I overdid the flour during shaping - probably had half a centimetre dusting the countertop...

Next time I'll shorten the bulk rise and lower the hydration, hoping to lengthen the proofing time to what was indicated by the recipe. I let this one go too long before retarding and shaping (it overflowed the container).

Wonder if I can get a crumb shot before it all disappears.