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What are we using to cut these loaves?

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little lemon loaf

What are we using to cut these loaves?

What do you use?

an electric knife?
a bread knife?
bread knife + a guide? 

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I bought a bread knife from Amazon that has one of those "AS SEEN ON TV" labels
on the box. But this really works and works good. I was surprised.

I bake a lot of homemade sandwich bread. I saw this bread knife with an attached slicing guide.

The bread knife has an adjustable guide to choose the thickness of the bread sliced. You turn a knob to adjust the thickness of the slice, by moving a guide closer or further from the knife blade. It also works great to make a thin slice of ham.

I was surprised at how well made it is and that it really works. It slices consistently even and straight pieces of bread. It's of a Ginsu like quality. Here are a couple of links on Amazon. One showing the box and one showing the knife. Price is now $ 12.99. Shop around, if interested, you can probably find it cheaper.

I also a have a $40 Henckels bread knife. I find myself using the $ 8.75 knife (what I paid for it) more often because of the slicing guide.

Picture of box

Picture of Knife with adjustable slicing guide

I've since found out that this knife is a copy of a more expensive one. But I'm still using the cheaper one above.

Here's a Swiss made Dux Victorinox knife with a similar slicing guide at Amazon for $ 49 to $ 61.84

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Based on a review here,  I bought the Chefs Edge 610

It does a great job slicing bread for sandwich slices and does a good job on baguettes.  They also offer other models ,  both cheaper and more expensive, not sure which is the best value, I like the one I have but the cheaper one might work as well