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cracks on my crust

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nora sass

cracks on my crust

To all crust experts out there, Just did a rustic loaf, a recipe I took in the TFL favorites, courtesy from Floyd today, and if you could see from the pic, I had so many cracks on the crust. I have yet to slice the bread as it is till pretty warm.

I baked it in a dutch oven preheat at 250deg, then reduced it to 240deg for 25min and remove the lid and continue for another half hour.

The last attempt I did had no issues with the cracks.

Any kind of hint would be very helpful. Thank you, Nora



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I love the cracks and would brush off some of that flour to show off the beautiful crust if anything,  Looks like a fantastic loaf.  


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TFL'ers die for a crust like that.  Cracked, bloom, ears boldly baked it has everything....this had to be singing as it came out of the oven.  I'd say it is just about as perfect as one could hope for.   Very well done indeed!