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First attempt at pizza

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Cory_v's picture

First attempt at pizza

The dough is from here. But I only had white four so... wasn´t really country dough. Made the sauce myself which turned out pretty good. Got the sauce recipe from here. I made a nasty mistake with the dough though. Lets just say the outside of the pie crust ended up much thicker then the middle. Live and learn I suppose. Also, I´m stuck with a gas stove which doesn´t get that hot to begin with, but also the door doesn´t completely close. Not ideal for pizza as you can imagine. No pizza stone either, just the bottom of a cookie sheet. Yummy pizza regardless! (Although I will not be getting that particular peppered salami again!)


Buster1948's picture

Your pizza looks great. About 20 years ago, I had made a pizza while visiting a lake cabin with my children, only to realize at the last minute that the electric oven wasn't working. We burned charcoal in a closed grill in which the pan fit perfectly, and had the best pizza we ever ate with a great smoke flavor.

Heath's picture

That pizza looks delicious, Cory.  I love making my own pizza, it's so much tastier and cheaper than anything bought from a grocery store.  I like my dough to be thicker at the edges, and many others deliberately make it that way.  I'm sure with a bit of practice you'll get yours perfect for your taste.

dabrownman's picture

Well done for having one hand tied behind your back.

Happy Baking

Cory_v's picture

My wife´s family really like them. I´m here in Mexico City with them. The best pizza they get is probably Domino´s... so it´s an easy crowd to please I suppose lol.

Nice story there Buster! Probably the best spaghetti I ever made was on a campfire way out in the bush. Can´t remember why I planned to make pasta on a campfire to begin with lol, but it turned out great!

In regards to dough thickness, well I formed the balls as if I was making a boule loaf... won´t happen again. I´ve found some good links here on TFL for vids showing how to shape pizza dough, so will follow those next time.

Till next time! Thanks again!