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BBA Basic SD with 50% WW Flour ... Take 2

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BBA Basic SD with 50% WW Flour ... Take 2

This time I tried it with about 15.5 oz of water, 50% WW flour, resulting in a hydration of ~76% to 77%.

Fermented for 4 days in the refrigerator. Baked at 525dF, this time I staggered the loaves so the first loaf baked for about 25 minutes at 525dF, the second loaf baked at 525dF for 15 minutes, then 475dF until browned (about 20 to 25 minutes).

I lopped off a piece for a coworker who used to be a cook ... I haven't tried it myself.

Crumb is still a bit tight, however the oven spring is better than the previous version. I'd like a bit more openness to the crumb, so next version will have higher hydration (perhaps 80%?).





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4 days in the  fridge is along time to wait. Had to be fairly sour by then.  It sure sprang and baked up well.  That is a fine looking loaf of bread.  Well done

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David Esq.

Holes are fine but bread tastes better. This looks like it makes great toast or sandwiches. 

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Thank you for the nice compliments. I had 2 thin slices with butter yesterday evening...delicious.

Interestingly, not very sour. Might be a bit more sour today, I'll try a slice when I get home from work, assuming there is any left (1 loaf is in the freezer, other loaf is about 3/4 gone(!)).


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and very tasty.