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San Francisco Sourdough, Peter Reinhart

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San Francisco Sourdough, Peter Reinhart

Hi All,

I'm new to TFL and this is my first entry. I've got my own blog going at, so for recipe details and procedure please see my article for this sourdough here

This was my first time making sourdough, and I was thoroughly excited by the results. Good crumb, flavour, and crust, thanks to Peter Reinhart's detailed instructions in Crust and Crumb. 

I work in the industry but I don't get to make much breads, at least not the type I'm really most curious about and inspired by. Crust and Crumb has been a great companion for learning the foundations of making and baking bread doughs, but next in line is Tartine. With some of the basics down pat, it's time to move on to the more serious loaves and invent some of my own. 

Things I would do differently with this particular loaf next time: deeper scoring, a little longer baking for a darker more rustic looking crust, and some dusted flour on the top as well. 

Cheers to the next one!

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