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BBA Basic Sourdough with 50% Whole Wheat Flour

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BBA Basic Sourdough with 50% Whole Wheat Flour

I'm interested in making a Poilane style bread, so I thought it might be interesting to make a BBA Basic Sourdough with half of the flour being whole wheat.

I made the dough up using the same procedure I've been using for the other Basic Sourdoughs, except (of course) using much more WW flour. Due to schedule conflicts the dough stayed in the refrigerator for 4 days ... I baked the loaves yesterday evening.

Shaping is still an issue and I haven't yet gotten to purchasing a linen, making transfer peels, etc. The batards are slightly misshapen, unfortunately. Baked at 525F for 15 minutes, then 475F for about 15 minutes (until the crust was the desired color).

Crumb is a bit tight despite following the same procedure previously used to achieve ~73% hydration, not sure if it is the result of WW flour needing more water, the excessively long cold fermentation and the yeast running out of "oomph," or the long ferment damaging the gluten.

Flavor is excellent, crumb is tender and fragrant, the crust is nicely flavored and crunchy. There is a slight sour note which is nice.

I have a Poilane style dough in the fridge at the moment and I'll likely bake it tonight ... more later.



PS: I did bake a BBA Basic Sourdough 2 weeks ago that I didn't blog about ... went skiing with some friends on the weekend of the 18th/19th and baked some bread to bring along. I was in a rush so I didn't get a chance to take pics or post. One friend who came to visit the house we rented, a gent from France, particularly enjoyed the bread with dinner. I was quite happy about that!



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Looks tasty.  In terms of the crumb it's interesting to see that it shares a similar structure to some of CAPhyl's recent blogged bakes.  If you could put your heads together you might determine what's making it that way.  It's still a lovely crumb, but I know Phyllis was looking for larger holes.   Actually I'm looking for smaller holes so maybe the three of us should thrash it out !  :-)


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I looked at CAPhyl's pictures, and wonder 1) about the hydration level (tight crumb), and 2) kneading time (very white crumb).

This is my first sourdough with a significant proportion of WW flour. Since WW needs more water it is certainly possible that this bread is "underhydrated" (so to speak).

I am wondering, though, if the very very long cold fermentation resulted in proteolytic action that damaged the gluten?

Also, with the high utilization of WW is it possible that the gluten level is lower than if it were 100% KAF bread flour?




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if you want larger holes the hydration needs to go up some but don'l take it to 90% like my 50% whole grain bread baked last Friday  the holes were nice but the dough still spread as it hit the heat .  I would start at 80% with the 50% whole grains being wheat.  Since I mill my own whole grains we would go to 85% as they are so thirsty.  Make sure the whole grains are autolysed for 4 hours and the white ones for an hour.  Working with wet dough take a little experience but it isn't hard to master.

I think you will like the outcome with larger holes better.  Won't taste any better though since the holes are virtually tasteless:-)

Well done and happy baking

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And I am happy with my holes, but would love your oven spring! Between us all we could make a spectacular loaf! I am amazed that such great bread was baked from dough that was left for four days retarding. And you got great flavour, which is the most important thing.

(sorry, if you read this earlier, I seem to have posted just the first few words of my reply!)


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Dosco:  The crust looks excellent!  I am sure it tasted great.  I am anxious to try higher hydration to get the bigger holes; I also wonder if I am proofing too long as well.  i tend to like to make the bread fit my schedule some times, which we know doesn't work.  I am trying an experiment tomorrow, so we will see what happens....Good luck with your breadmaking!  CAphyl

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I'm going to make this again but with higher hydration. I fed/built some starter this morning, should be on track to make the dough tonight or tomorrow.

I'll shoot for a 2 day bulk fermentation in the fridge (and not 4) ... life may interfere so we'll see.

More later!!