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We 3 gmas baked Sourdough Polenta Pepita bread

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We 3 gmas baked Sourdough Polenta Pepita bread

This week among other things baked... together we baked Polenta pepita breads...Helen did not put rosemary in ours... Barb used a recipe that had it and used it.

Helen and I made recipe pretty straight to the script... Barb, creative thinker that she is... added brown sugar candied bacon crumbles, along with the pumpkin seeds and rosemary... she said the rosemary was a little overpowering the first day... but this morning, that rosemary had mellowed and the bacon had taken the stage.

Sounds like a very good for Barb. As you can see it is a great looking bread.


Helen just had a slice of hers toasted with a sweet potato side... 

My loaf didn't get the big nice holes like Helen's or a thinner crust like Barb's ... in fact my crust is very thick and unfriendly...


In addition to this bake, Helen did Alaskan Sourdough and Barbra did more Tartine Bread... and I made pasta and raviolis.

Happy Baking, Helen, Diane, and Barbra



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Looks like another great bake.  Love the idea of adding the bacon bits.  I've done a few breads in the past adding bacon and I was very happy with it. Let me know what formula and procedure you used and I will be glad to help you try and improve the dense crumb and thick crust.  I'm sure with a few minor tweaks it will be more to your liking.


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would make a fine tasting bread and adding rosemary with brown sugar, candied bacon is or should be .....illegal in most kitchens!  Not ours of course:-)  We love these kinds of breads and all of them look great.   Holey Hellen's bread has a great crumb - very open - looks soft and moist.  Barb's bacon bread has to taste great.  It looks like Diane's bread has more bits in the middle and that might affect the crumb holes negatively but other than that it has to be gluten development  hydration, proofing and baking - just like always ....dagnabit it:-)

They all look good from and the other baking has to be just as tasty.

Happy Baking GMA's 

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to heighth and holey-ness. I sent Diane those pancake bread pictures next to the buttermilk cup to show the sad state of affairs for an overproofed, too high hydration bread. Tasted great though. The last time I added a significant amount of flour at the final mixing, this time not so much. It went to the overproofed state quickly and was such a pancake when I dumped it out of the basket that I just scooped it up and as gently as I could, dropped it into the DO's. So croutons it is for that loaf. The higher one is quickly disappearing. The brown sugared bacon came about because last week I bought a store brand that had very little flavor. Put it into a bag with a cup or so of brown sugar along with a tablespoonful of Dijon mustard, then baked. Nice flavor then needless to say!

So once again, fame eludes me and the loaves are not high and beautiful, but still are good to eat. And we three enjoyed another day of baking together.