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New AKM Assistent (Electrolux DLX) Mixer Arm Won't Lock

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New AKM Assistent (Electrolux DLX) Mixer Arm Won't Lock

I purchased my new Assistent about 1 year ago and have loved it -- until the past 30 days. 

It seems the locking arm adjustment knob no longer holds the arm set at my desired distance from the side of the bowl (about 2") and as it mixes my dough, the arm snaps back closer to the edge.  Within only 8-10 revolutions, the dough is near the bowl edge and gets "jammed" between the roller and scraper while the bowl continues to spin.  Then I have to bail on the mixer and hand-knead.

I am wondering if a part is missing or worn and have included a photo of the knob assembly.

Mixer Knob

Or am I doing something wrong?  It worked before.  I would appreciate any assistance or solutions.  :)



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I'm not sure what the malfunction is but until you get it figured out there may be some doughs you can make using the dough hook instead of the roller.

You might want to try placing another washer on the knob to see if that helps. Good luck.

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Amy, it sounds like something is wrong.  I have the older model, the Magic Mill, but I would guess it works the same way.  On mine, if you hold the arm so that it is in the center of the bowl, and turn the knob until it locks ( about 2 full turns ) the arm stays in the middle.  As you unscrew the knob, the arm starts to fall back towards the outside of the bowl, a little further with each turn of the knob.  Does you knob tighten down so it won't turn any more?  If not, my guess is that the thread on the knob could be stripped.  I would call the place you bought it from and see what they suggest.