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30% Whole Rye Sourdough

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30% Whole Rye Sourdough

hey yall, I made some sourdough with rye and its tasty as all get out. I made it with 455g KA bread flour, 195g freshly ground whole rye flour, 130g 100% hydration chef, 486g warm water and 14g of salt.

Yesterday, I dissolved the chef in the warm water and added it to the flour mixture, I mixed it gently with a dough scraper then a wooden spoon and set it to autolyse for 45 minutes. That completed I spread the salt over the counter and gave the ole rascal a series of slap and folds separated by a series of short rests, once the dough was pretty properly developed I gave it a stretch and fold and let it sit for around and hour and a half or so. During that time I gave it two additional relatively evenly spaced stretch and folds then I popped it in the fridge and gave it another stretch and fold an hour later and another an hourish later.

Today I took the dough out, let it sit at room temp for an hour and a half or so, shaped it and proofed it for around three hours, during the last 50 minutes or so of proofing I preheated my oven to 550, later on right before I scored it I splashed a bit of water on the preheated sheet pan I use for steaming, scored it, slid it on in and gave it another sizable splash of hot hot water. I baked it at 550 for around two minutes, then I turned it down to 475 for 15 minutes then 450 for another 20 or so. This is a large loaf so I tented it with some tinfoil after the first 15 minutes to allow the internals to catch up to the externals.


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crumb for a 30% rye and a great loaf altogether. How sour is it?

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The rye adds a lovely flavour doesn't it? Lovely loaf. I am constantly amazed at the array of methods used by bakers here, all producing fabulous results!

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What a fine looking loaf Old spoon. by the looks of it, it seems you've developed the dough and fermented it quite perfectly. Nice scoring!


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108 breads

That is one beautiful and inspiring bread photo. Now for a stupid question. Does 130% hydration chef mean a 130% hydration starter? So, 100g flour to 130 grams water in the starter. I tend to get these (and left and right) turned around. Translating time zones is a similar issue. :)

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Hey 108, that was intended to be 130g (grams) of 100% hydration chef, which is another word for an unelaborated starter. broken down that 130 grams consists of 65 grams of flour and 65 grams of water.

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Love your rye SD bread very much inside and out.  A good tip on the tenting too.  Wish I had tented my YW Nut Bead yesterday made in the mini oven earlier than I did. The top got way too dark waiting for the middle to get to 205 F.

Well done and happy baking.

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Thanks for the kind comments yall!