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Daily sourdough

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Daily sourdough

It has been a long time since my first and so far only post, so I just thought to pop up and show how I bake my daily bread these days.

I've got a long rectangular-shaped dutch oven/baking dish, but I usually want to bake two smaller loaves rather than one huge batard, so, sacrificing shape, I put two smaller loaves separated by a small piece of parchment paper into the DO and bake them like that. To make all sides of the loaves brown evenly, you've got to take the separating parchment out when uncovering the DO, but I don't always do that, since the bread is fine either way.

Here's what it looks like out of the oven:

Loaves in DO

Ant the better loaf closer-up:

Better loaf

These are 70% hydration, 80% bread flour, 10% WW and 10% spelt sourdoughs with and added 10% cracked wheat scalded and soaked in an equal amount of water overnight. The levain was built up using three stages with feedings spaced close together, so you could call it a pretty "sweet" levain. The loaves were scaled at 630 g and scored using scissors like Chad Robertson seems to be fond of doing these days.

I know they're not perfect, but then at least there's always room for improvement! I saved another 630 g piece of dough to use as old dough later.

Here is the exact formula:



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and we like the formula too.  Lucy might want to sneak some rye in there too though:-)  Now to find one of those DO's...

Happy baking

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I've actually used rye many times when baking this bread, usually instead of the spelt, but I like the taste with spelt better.

The DO was on sale in a local supermarket and came pretty cheap. It's my most used oven tool! I bake bread, chicken and all sorts of dishes in it, it's great and very universal. The only problem is that when you make a big batard in it, the top of the loaf touches the lid, since it's not very tall.

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That is lovely looking bread.  Nice, crisp crust and lovely looking crumb.

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The crumb has some chew in it as well, because of the cracked wheat.

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That looks great! Some well made bread and prime photos to boot.

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The camera is on loan at the moment so I had to snap those with my phone. To be honest, that's why I wasn't posting as much as I could, thought the pictures will turn out a bit sub-par, but they're OK this time ;)

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They look lovely, Mister! i had a roaster just like yours, but I've wanted more liberty with bread shapes so i purchased an electric oven.

Lovely crumb and crust!