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Hallelujah! I have found a way to soft, fluffy, and tender bread!

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Hallelujah! I have found a way to soft, fluffy, and tender bread!

Unfortunately I can't put up the pictures I took as my camera is dead :P However, I'll just talk through it. 

The bread is quite time consuming, but takes no longer than overnight. The method is called 17h bread which produces asian bakery like bread (quite like the ones we have around here). The technique is in the poolish which is left for 17h before use. I am not so clear on why it works like so, but I'm guessing it has to do with gluten development (obvious much, lol?) 

I got the recipe from Corner Café if you are interested: (does the link work now?) 

Tell me if it works for you as well! 

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and linked it here buit it is the same link as yours I think but will test it.

My link seems to work.



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Mini Oven

(The first link has a space added on the end of the line, suspect that's why it doesn't work.)

I have used a similar method without the yeast and just plugged the aged dough into recipes.  Don't know if I can call it a Poolish.  A great way to bring out hidden flavours in the flour and keeps over several days in the fridge.  Add yeast when ready to raise the dough.  

Worth investigating...