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We 3 gmas baked "separately"

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We 3 gmas baked "separately"

We talked, we texted, we discussed ideas and recipes... but this week we all baked somewhat differently. Barb made the amazing Tartine bread on the lead in... many times... many loaves... maybe obsessively!! Maybe not, she had a wealth of talent and people standing in line to eat her breads... or sitting and reclining... however it gets them bread they are doing it!!! 

 Absolutely beautiful and holes that have never been seen in

MY kitchen... I am going to get there someday... Helen baked a variation of the Olive loaf we baked last week, this time she put in ripe olives and cheddar cheese along with some swiss... 

 Now does that

look good or what... she is serving this with toasted with minestrone soup... which we all made... it all looked pretty much like the recipe in Ina Garten's book... where we found it. I am showing you my pot of soup... Barb's and Helen's looked the same.

  and then for dessert I had Angel Cake,

same old "Better Homes and Gardens, red and white checkered book" from the old days.

Sliced and topped with some berries  and whipped cream and it was a good baking day... or days, this week we all baked on different days... the only for sure commonality this week was the minestrone and the sharing... Love our times together, baking, talking, planning, texting, and emailing.

Happy Baking, see you next week.

Helen, Diane, and Barbra.


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not to mention that fabulous Angel Cake!  You GMA's had some fine separate baking going on but the kicker was the communal minestrone soup!  Perfect for the cold winter climate.  Adopted son and Lucy also made minestrone too!  Ours is a little more soupy - to have something for the bi=uttered SD to soak up!  Served with a salad, it makes for a great lunch or dinner.  We only have soups and stews in the winter here so it is one of favorite times of year.

You GMA's are really baking and cooking up a storm!

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Great looking baking (and soup)!

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It all looks delicious, well done ladies.  :)

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for the nice comments.  We really do enjoy our baking and cooking together.  It really makes the miles between us disappear and it is so great to see what you all are doing too. DAB that soup and salad look great. The SD all buttered for dipping is pretty awesome also. 

Keeping it healthy!


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Everything looks amazing as always.  Great looking bread and cake and awesome soup.  You all made one of my favorites.  Thanks for sharing another great bake.


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I am loving that bread of yours featured on the home page... i will have to convert some of my sd to full rye...tryed that once and was not impressed with color, smell, etc... but you have me leaning that way again.

Love to see what the "experts" are up to~ =)


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Thanks Diane.  Glad you like it and I look forward to hear how your rye bake goes.



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Wonderful bakes but one has to wonder if this means your baking 'band' is breaking up and you are each going to start doing solo gigs from now on *- )

Take Care,


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Thanks for the concern Janet. We are not breaking up our baking commitment, and especially not our togetherness planning etc... We just had a crazy week, I unfortunately had a cat bite and was not "kneady" able... so the soup was our common bond... but all is well now. We seem to be branching out into whole meals and are trying some new things... Helen and Barbra are both beautiful talented quilters... running those golden stitiches, keeping our sisterly love tightly sewn together... they are tempting me into this arena... I will never have their talent or artistic ability but I will have pieces of fabric sewn together with love.  So many projects, so little time... but whatever time we spend with each other and all y'all is precious.

YOU are one of our main inspirerers... we are watching you... 

Continuing to happily and sisterly bake,


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for a fun baking day with my sisters. Thank you all for your kind thoughts, and even more for the inspiration for such interesting and tasty breads. Bread broken and shared is a blessing to us all, and then soup and salads like DAB's make it even better.


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that minestrone looks like fresh from the veggie gardens of Italy. Oh my... with a fresh slice of your awesome looking bread, how wonderful this must taste. Too bad I am now in Australia where it's summer and I feel more like eating a cool gazpacho, but else that minestrone would be in my list of soups to make for the week...